Our company

Dear customers, suppliers, friends,

Thanks for visiting our website. We are glad to launch our new corporate image as a sign of our focus on renewal and modernization.

At this new stage we would like to make the most of our experience while using all available resources to ensure the best possible service for our customers and agencies, in order to ease commercial transactions between them.

Fepla has a longstanding experience in the field of commercial agency, dating back to 1943. Since I assumed the management of the company in 2008, it has been my aim concerning our customers to strengthen commercial relationships so that they consider us their ally and partner, their friend if possible, rather than a mere supplier. And it has been my aim concerning our agencies to consolidate their working base in Spain. We would like them to consider us another arm of their companies, with every confidence that the Spanish market is duly catered for, informed and assisted.

We keep working vigorously with our agencies in the branches of textile machinery and plastic films, which are our core business.

15 years ago we started a parallel line, maybe not so technical but certainly just as interesting, in the branch of fragrance compounds. We are very satisfied about the development of this market and it is our intention to work on its reinforcement and expansion.

And we are pleased to start further projects with new agencies, bringing innovative products to the Spanish market, which we expect to be very fruitful for you and for us.

All these projects motivate and encourage us to keep ahead with our task. But we can only achieve our goals in cooperation with all of you, our customers, friends and agencies. Thanks in advance.

New technologies allow for stronger links. Thanks to our new Facebook profile, our relationship will be closer and more direct. Please do not hesitate to visit us and share your proposals, criticisms, requests, opinions. We will be glad to receive them.

Kindest regards

Sílvia Gimeno