Federico Platte, founder of our company, settles down in Spain as a representative of Stines Coalmines (later VFT). The company is initially located in Barcelona, Pg. de la Bonanova, 11.


Francisco Roure joins our company and later becomes one of its shareholders.


Federico Platte, SA becomes an agent in Spain for several German and Swiss companies in such different sectors as plastic materials or office supplies. A leading company in the latter sector is Staedtler, for which Fepla was an exclusive agent until 1968. During this period, the rest of our agencies are grouped in the company Francisco Roure, SA, which also has its seat in Barcelona, Pg. de Sant Gervasi, 57 bis.


An agency agreement is signed with Seydel Maschinenfabrik, the starting point of our activity as agents for textile machinery manufacturers which is carried out until present. The first large spinning installation is sold to the company Jaume Ribó, in Badalona.


An important expansion takes place due to increasing imports of textile machinery. Further agency agreements are signed with other textile machinery manufacturers such as Famatex, Hamel, Helliot, etc.

Federico Platte, SA is renamed as FEPLA, SA (later FEPLA, SL).


Regrouping of all our agencies in Pg. de Sant Gervasi, 57 bis. A branch office is opened in Madrid, initially in Tutor, 19, later in Martín de los Heros, 56.


Transfer to Sabadell, initially in Rubió i Ors, 77-79, later in Ctra. de Mollet, 24-28.


Fepla takes on distribution in Spain of Luzi AG products for application in cosmetics, perfumery, detergents and air care.


Transfer to our present seat in Terrassa, Concepción Arenal, 124.


Logo redesign and creation of new corporate web.