Scent News

We present our scent proposals for the new normality and fight against COVID-19.

During lockdown we have passed moments of great uncertainty but we have also (re) discovered healthy habits that have comforted and improved us, both individually and interpersonally. In the new normality we should not forget these habits, nor should the habits acquired regarding hygienic safety measures.

Thus, our proposal focuses on air freshener fragrances and fragrances for sanitizing gels.

But also fragrances of shampoos and shower gels, since so many hours in closed spaces have reaffirmed that it is essential (and fun) to keep fit. We can finally relive the feeling of freedom that comes with outdoor sports and with friends.

Finally we have made a selection of fragrances for body and solar products, to get ready to go to the beach!

Find more information in the attached document and / or contact us at +34 937 847 321

Best regards to all!

Proyecto Fases - Nueva normalidad post Covid-19 pg